Cell Rejuvenation Therapy for Better Quality of Life

Our innovative therapy aims at achieving effective treatment for various regenerative diseases

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This is how we can help you using stem cell technology

Rejuvenation & Anti-aging

As we age, our skin naturally loses some of its softness and vibrancy. Attilatura face treatment package offers complete solution for rejuvenating skin cells.

Skin, Face and Hair Treatment

Cell-based therapy can also provide great results in treating various dermatology issues, ranging from acne and scar to auto-immune related condition such as psoriasis.

Diabetic Wound Care

Cell-based therapy can help diabetes-related wound such as diabetic foot ulcers, where rejuvenating cell can trigger tissue growth to prevent the needs for extreme measure such as amputation.

Vitality and Wellness

Our innovative cell-based therapy proved to improve vitality, increase stamina and wellness level in general for both men and women alike.

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Newly opened in 2017, Attilatura Clinic strive to provide excellent service in solving our patient's issues in dermato venerology. Utilizing biotechnology advancement from our laboratory

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